Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes Are Spectacular

I try and not only keep up with trends, but stay ahead of 'em.

But because I live in Canada, sometimes it can take awhile for products to not only get to us, but be able to be shipped to us.

So while I'd been hearing about Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish for years, it was near impossible for me to get. Lucky for me, times and postal agreements have changed and I finally got the opportunity to take a few for a test drive.

For me, nail polish has to be easy to apply. I'm not very good at it, so the smoother it goes on, the less I look like I've had my nails done by Frankenstein. Deborah Lippman's formulas are among the best I've ever used. So smooth and sleek without the teeniest goopiness. And the lacquer is thin, so you can apply just one or two coats with perfection. Maybe it's due to the absence of toulene, formaldehyde or DBP. Or maybe it's the addition of Aucoumea, Biotin and Green Tea. Or maybe it's simply that Deborah Lippmann r-o-c-k-s!

Normally, I steer clear of whites because they tend to look more like white-out than polish on me. But Like a Virgin is a sheer, clean white that's not too in-your-face. In fact, it's just perfect. It goes on evenly and has a nice gloss even before I've applied a top coat. How great is that?! It shows off my tan and looks modern, not wedding-y, which I've never experienced before with a white. 

And sequins and glitter polishes often look great in the bottle, but are frustrating to put on - mismatched nails, uneven layers, more clear polish than glitter, etc. But with the most amazing confetti-in-a-bottle look I've ever seen, Happy Birthday (pictured above) doesn't disappoint. It covers the nail with an even coat of glitters and the more layers you apply, the more coverage you get. You can even layer it over Like A Virgin or other colours if you like, though I opted for the full effect (I like to celebrate). It is so gorgeous, with small and large sequins of various colours - silver, gold, red, blue, green - that I wish I had dresses and jewelry to match (something to think about Ms. Lippmann)!

I am now a lifetime lover and user of Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquers. I have hot nails that look professionally done.

Is your drugstore polish doing all that for you?

Shop the entire Deborah Lippmann Collection and don't forget the Celebrity Shades. They're next on my list...

Stephanie Dickison

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