Check Out PUMA's New Collection of Lifestyle Socks

Socks can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are throughout the day, whether you're walking running, going about your regular day at work or running errands and picking up the kids.

That's why you should check out the new Lifestyle Sock collections from PUMA. There are a number of styles and a variety of colour combinations for men and women (pictured above), so no one has to be jealous of the other for having cool socks.

They are made of  70% cotton, 28% polyester and 2 elastene, so you never have to worry about slouchy socks again.  And with 3 to a pack, you've got enough to take you from home to work to the gym or soccer field and back home again.  

The style is short and spunky with the awesome PUMA logo, so you can have them peek out over your shoe, but not be too long to make you look like a dork.  And for once in your life, when you have to slip off your shoes while visiting someone at home, people will notice your socks in a good way.

I've never had anything PUMA before, but I'm telling you - I'll be getting these socks from now on. My other supposed sport socks never last more than a month or two before there's a hole or tear. And they certainly don't look this good. Who knew a sport sock could be so sexy?

These awesome PUMA 3-pack sock collections are available at all major retailers across Canada including The Bay, Sears and sports stores.

Stephanie Dickison

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