This Book Has A Swear In It, But I Think It's Funny Anyway.

I am a very polite and proper woman.

I always say thank you, offer my seat to elderly folks on the subway and I dress appropriately almost always.

But when I came across Ray Fenwick's  F*** You and Your Blog Journal, I couldn't stop giggling. Maybe it's like he's swearing for me and it's such a relief to have someone speak their mind so blatantly without regard for someone's feelings (I can't even imagine...) or the fact that it's aimed at bloggers, which can attract someone's wrath like nothing else. Or that he's got it so right down to this very moment and time, so that if someone in 2066 were looking at it, they'd be able to track it back to around right now.

It is snarky, I'll admit, and could be construed as mean, but the cartoony balloon and clouds juxtaposed with the swear somehow just make it cute and damned funny. It's a hard balance to achieve, but I think Fenwick's really nailed it with this one.

It's hard to see here, but the 192 pages within have graph paper on the left and lined paper on the right. There's space for the title and date at the top of each page, so you can keep an actual journal or use it however you like. I'm using mine as I do with many of my notebooks, a catchall place for my ideas, deadlines, things I want to do, things I need to do, etc. And because the pages are bordered in 3 different colours - salmon (as pictured above), blue and grey, it makes it easy to categorize all of my many, many things at a glance.

So it's cute AND useful. A rare combination indeed.

Get your own F*** You and Your Blog Journal now and let it do the potty-mouthing for you!

Stephanie Dickison

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