Stop Bulking Up Your Wallet With Cards & Get the Ultra Slim Saddle-Lite

I have a friend that has so many cards - credit, bank, rewards, business, you name it, he's got it, kind of cards - that he got himself this huge accordion-file type of change purse to put them in. Of course it doesn't come close to fitting in his pants like his wallet does, so now he carries a messenger bag with him wherever he goes, or he brings a jacket so that he can put the purse in his pocket.

All that just to carry around his cards.

I think he should saddle up and switch to Saddle-Lite.

First of all, he's got to definitely get rid of some cards. Or at least leave some at home.
Choosing the 6 or so he uses the most , he can then use them in style with the awesomely designed Saddle-Lite. It can hold 6 or more, depending on the thickness of the cards.

Place your cards face up. That way, you never have to fumble around trying to see which card is what (Doesn't it drive you crazy when you're in line to pay for something and someone is shuffling through all of their cards, asking the cashier, "What does the card look like? What colour is it?" Argh!).

The cool tattoo-designed band and plastic sleeve (available in various colours) keeps them secure and in place, so you can take them in and out of your pocket or bag with ease.


Just think how much easier life will be now that you can access your cards - driver's licence, hotel key, transit pass, bank card, gift cards, coffee cards, credit cards, ID, you know, your life stuff.

Saddle-Lites are affordable, so while you're buying yourself one, get one for your friend with the bulging wallet too. 

Everyone will be forever grateful.

Stephanie Dickison

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