Bring Paradise Home Via Tautropfen's Jalë Orient Collection

I am not really a chocolates/candles/flowers kind of gal.

But I can't help but swoon over "the beguiling organic rose oil obtained from the hand-picked blossoms of the  fragrant Damascene Rose" in Tautropfen's Jalë  Orient Collection. The scent is just mind-blowingly alluring and exotic. And I have to say, now I'm completely spoiled because the fragrance of regular roses just became oh-so-ordinary. This scent is just so much deeper and richer.

The Tautropfen Jalë  Orient Collection gives you many enchanting options for creamy soft skin:

- Enchanting Rose Shower Emulsion uses the intoxicating rose oil blended with argan oil, making for a satiny, velvety wash that transforms the bathroom into a garden and your skin into a pampered, nourished wonder.

- Alluring Rose Soap gives your skin the same luscious feeling as the emulsion, but with the bar, you get dried rose petals on top and a swirl of colour through the soap. If you can manage to tear yourself away from it (just try to stop yourself from smelling it - I bet you can't), it makes a wonderful gift.

- Enchanting Rose Bath Cube comes two to a pack and they look similar to the soap, but are smaller and sqaure. Dried rose petals can be seen throughout these as well. So pretty! And just think about how rewarding it will be to come home after a long day and sink into a luxurious bath that drenches your skin in cocoa butter, organic shea butter and milk protein. Simply dissolve a cube while running your bath and in mere moments, your skin - and soul - will be restored to their natural beauty. Ahhh...

-Magical Rhassul Wash Clay -  Over the years, I've witnessed the incredible power of clay.  This ancient ritual can done on your both your hair and skin.  It's so easy: "Dissolve the Rhassul wash clay in warm water (first put water in a bowl, then mix in 3-4 tablespoons of wash clay), then leave it to thicken. Massage the viscous substance into the dampened hair, then leave it to do its work. Meanwhile, wash your body with the gel. Rinse off your hair and skin thoroughly with water." You'll be amazed at how clean and soft they feel after this opulent Moroccan Lava Clay treatment.

Tautropfen's Jalë  Orient Collection is anything but ordinary. Regular roses are just that - regular - from now on.

Stephanie Dickison

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