Why Use Regular Makeup When You Can Look Younger with Dalton Cosmetics?

Makeup that makes you look younger? Well, you must have to have the skills of an experienced makeup artist then, you say.

No, and that's just part of the genius behind Dalton Cosmetics. Just look at how beautiful and youthful Founder Doris Dalton is. Talk about a walking advertisement for your product! I want to look this good, don't you?Like many products, the line was created to fill a dire need:

Dalton was created "shortly after Doris experienced a life changing event. In 2006 Doris was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Losing most of her eyebrow hair, she longed for natural looking and long lasting product that would cover where her brows had shed. After countless formulas, she created a product that not only looks completely natural, but nourishes and is long lasting. It was a hit from the moment it aired, selling out numerous times and still staying in demand until this day. Doris saw and relished in the the appreciation of her consumers. It was that altruistic appreciation that drove Dalton to further improve the cosmetic landscape.

After creating her first product, it was Doris' desire to innovate that lead her to create her line. With her academic grounding in anatomy, biology, and chemistry, she became convinced she could formulate a line that would be an alternative to cosmetics surgery. "

I love that this line is about "age reversal beauty." Don't you find that many of your cosmetics are about masking your features instead of revealing your given beauty?

That's why I love Dalton's Mirage Blending Powder. It gives your skin the perfection it deserves by gently blending your skintone to one luscious colour. It softens fine lines, winkles and pores by using multi-tonal pigments . With just a single sweep (using the coolest looking brush I've ever seen!) across your face, you get a perfect finish, all with anti-aging ingredients (vitamins A & E) working to keep your skin looking just like this.

The 3-in-1 Multitasking Foundation is remarkable as well. It contains an exclusive silicon complex that keeps your makeup in place, no matter how warm the weather or how long your workday.  You can even workout in it, as it's "virtually sweat proof." It also minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and covers up dark undereye circles and acts as an eyeshadow primer as well.

I love how it feels when it goes on - smooth without being oily and then it dries almost immediately to a matte finish. You'll feel like a pro! And get a shade that's just right for you. Select from Fair, Light, Medium, Tan and Dark (I am awfully pale, but Light worked perfectly on me).

And speaking of pale, you're going to swoon for the Golden Pearl Bronzing Powder with Puki Brush. Using crushed golden pearl essence, you get that sun-kissed, golden glow that you could only previously get while away on holiday! In addition to a sexy look, soy peptides, hyaluronic spheres, wheat protein and vitamins swirl together effortlessly to give you a professional look - no embarrassing streaks or brick-coloured splotches here.  And you'll love the soft feel of the brush. I did my shoulders and decolletage as well - ooh la la! p.s. It's also the biggest bronzing compact I've ever seen - it's the size of a pancake!

For truly striking eyes, I paired the Eye-volution Eye Powder Trio with the Airless Cream Eyeliner with Dermaflex Techonology.You know what a makeup klutz I am, but these were so easy to apply! The Natural Hair Eyeliner Brush is the best I've ever used - not one mistake, just smooth lines. I feel like a movie star with these eyes!

Dalton's Colour Creme Lip Gloss Collection (pictured above) is movie star worthy too - 4 high-shine glosses plump and moisturize your lips using Dalton's own collagen tri peptides. The gorgeous retractable brush lets you apply them perfectly. I have never had a gloss be this moisturizing before. It's like a spa treatment  combined with the high gloss look that you crave. These are going in my best of 2011 picks for sure!

It's your time to shine and look younger, look amazing - shop for Dalton Cosmetics now at QVC.

Stephanie Dickison

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