Want Younger Looking Skin? Discover Dr. Gerald Imber's Youth Corridor Anti-Aging System

Don't you feel like life, no matter how much you try to balance and simplify, is getting faster and harder?

I do, and you can see it in my face - my frown lines that used to come and go and now permanently reside between my brows, the lines underneath and around my eyes that reveal sleepless nights and stress. So when I found Dr. Gerald Imber's Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum, I was elated. Finally, something to combat my ragged skin.

Using powerful ingredients - 10% Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Melatonin - this anti-aging skincare product works to "deliver free radical fighting antioxidants into the skin where they encourage collagen production, reverse sun damage, and inhibit inflammation from sun exposure."

Your skin is protected against environmental damage and inflammation. Collagen and elastin production kicks into high gear, giving your skin that suppleness that you often only see on the red carpet. Which Dr. Imber knows a lot about as he's "a renowned plastic surgeon to the stars." 

See, the combination of these ingredients that Dr. Imber's created, work to give you that youthful, glowing skin that you had back in your teens and twenties. There's a whole whack of scientific research and development that's gone into this, as well as long names and terms that would impress the hell out of you, but I like to keep things simple:

This stuff works.

And it's so easy to use - just wash your face before bed. Apply 3 to 6 drops of Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum to the back of your hand. Put on your face, neck and upper chest using your finer tips and then rub the remaining serum into the back of your hands.

You'll wake up with skin that will have people wondering, "What is she doing to look so good, so youthful?" Your circumstances haven't changed - emails to answer, laundry to do, proposals and presentations to write - but your skin sure has.

It's up to you if you want to just keep it our little secret. Me? I'm telling the world because something this astounding shouldn't be kept under wraps.

Get your own Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum now and look like you did back in the day.

Stephanie Dickison

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