Slice - For When You Want to Just Cut to the Chase, or the Paper!

Have you ever gone to use your scissors to only be shocked by how dull they are? And aren't they just so bulky and uncomfortable to grip onto and use?

Slice has created a line of innovative household items such as Stainless Steel Scissors that are so beautifully designed, you'll wonder why you were stuck with those ugly black ones for all those years! They have paired with world-renowned designers to create objects of not only beauty, but function.

Designed by Karim Rashid, the Japanese stainless steel scissors (pictured above) are a work of art, but no so much that you can't use them. In fact, the hand-polished finger-grips are quite comfortable (whether you use your left or right hand!), despite the flat shape. The blades are sharp, so you can cut your way through stuff without having to use your hand for strength.

It's hard to find a good Letter Opener, but this one just zips through your envelopes, no matter how thin or thick. The zirconium oxide ceramic blade works on the envelope, not on your hand, so no more paper cuts or slicing your hand open. And because it's magnetized, you can always keep it within reach. And I know, just because you can open your bills faster, doesn't mean they'll necessarily get paid any sooner!

If you're at artist or tend to need to cut and open a lot of materials, you're going to love the Safety & Precision Cutters! The Slice Safety Cutter is not only a life-saver, but an immense time-saver. Opening and removing the shrink wrap from CDs and DVDs suddenly takes just one sec. Cut pictures and recipes out from magazines or articles from the paper smoothly and quickly! And there's that magnet again, so you won't lose it, or use the key-ring hole so that you can have it with you on the go.

The Precision Cutter is another Karim Rashid design. He's made this one safe and sharp, thanks the zirconium oxide blade and comfortable handle, so you can work your heart out without worry of it slipping. It also gives you great control so don't be surprised if you start doing intricate paper cutouts amidst the projects you're working on!

And for those of use, forever trying to find a vegetable peeler that actually:

- works
- and feels good in the hand

Slice and Karim Rashid have come up with a superb Vegetable Peeler - the Y-Peeler - that will have you eating more fruit and veggies than ever because it's so much fun and easy to use! The super-sharp ceramic blade gets through both soft and tough skins, and the handle is so comfortable, you'll want all of your kitchen utensils to come with the same comfy grip! That's neat is that the ceramic blade is "non-allergenic, chemically neutral, and impervious to acid, fat and salt. Won't brown food, transfer smells, or leave a metallic taste." I'd never even thought about those things before! No wonder it's recommended by the Cooking Club of America
Slice is really onto something here - making our everyday tools work in today's environments with our needs in mind. And despite using famous designers, Slice has managed to keep the tools at affordable prices, so you can have chic items without having to cough up a week's paycheck! 
And it's all for a good cause to boot: Slice was founded in 2008 by TJ Scimone as a way to help fund long-term care for his son, Alex, who is autistic. A minimum of 1% of all Slice product sales is donated to help fund autism research. By purchasing their products, you’re helping to find a cure for the millions of children and their families who live with autism every day.
Shop the entire Slice collection and get tools that fit in with your modern lifestyle. Isn't it about time?

Stephanie Dickison

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