Send the Sweetest Note with Our Love Is Here to Stay: 15 Postcards of Affection by enormouschampion

Sometimes the shorter the note, the more meaningful it is.

As a professional writer, I know the power of just a few words and when you want to convey how much someone means to you, you don't need 7 pages of notes. Just a sentence or two will do.

Brooklyn's premier design studio enormouschampion creates one-of-a-kind stationery and art objects that are all at once beautiful, whimsical and downright lovely. This collection of love-themed postcards are a brilliant way to show that you care.

Printed with silver metallic ink, and with designs that are heartwarming and gorgeous, you'll no doubt have your recipient smiling and feeling pretty good about being so loved.

I love the typewriter note of "a message of my affection" and the unwound cassette tape spelling out "I really like you." You don't need to say much more than "our love is here to stay" or "you+me," which is great if you're the type to get tongue-tied or writer's block when it comes to your feelings.  Or a simple heart design or birds in a tree will do just fine.

I keep this incredible collection in my desk drawer and every so often I send a little love note off to a friend or colleague. It's a little thing, but what a special things.

Get Our Love Is Here to Stay:15 Postcards of Affection by enormouschampion now and share the love!

Stephanie Dickison

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