Protect And Repair Your Hair from Sun Damage with Kérastase Soleil!

You've probably got into the habit of applying sunscreen to your face and exposed limbs before leaving the house, but what about your hair? It's dry enough without having the sun fry it any further!

Wearing a hat to protect your hair from the sun's damaging rays isn't always an option, so what else can you do?

Kérastase Soleil for sun-exposed hair is a new range of haircare products that protects, repairs and enhances your hair to vibrant and healthy new heights.

So if you plan on being outside at all this summer or in the water (are you really prepared to let your already delicate hair be penetrated by UV rays, salt and cholorine without any protection?), you're going to want to be using these powerful tools:

It only takes a small amount (just a quarter-size dollop that you massage in), but boy are the results massive! Your hair is gently cleansed and repaired, your colour is maintained and your hair will be detangled, soft and oh-so lush.

In just a few minutes, this luxe conditioner gives your hair new life and transforms it into Hollywood hair. It will be strong and rejuvenated like never before (thank you provitamin B5 and ceramide). And you were just going to leave the house into the scorching sun with just your regular shampoo and conditioner. Sheesh. What were you thinking?

This little wonder "seals the hair with a waterproof veil to protect against harmful UV rays and water aggressors" using a silicone derivative. I mean, who knew this kind of technology was even possible? Your hair becomes instantly more supple, smoother and shinier.

What I love about Aqua Seal is that you apply it on dry hair and leave on - no rinsing. That means it protects your hair forever and always when you have it on. If only life came with an Aqua Seal for everything!

And in case that's not enough to blow you away, all of these products win my award for best fresh-smelling haircare E-V-E-R! Oh my, it's just such a pleasure to use these, that you'll be tempted to wash your hair twice a day!

Shop the entire Kérastase Soleil Collection and have the summer  - and hair - of your life!

Stephanie Dickison

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