Mini Goals Notepad Helps You Get Stuff Done - In the Most Fun Way Possible!

I have always loved making lists. I love writing things down and then crossing them off when they're done. It's such an amazing feeling to see things you never thought you could accomplish get completed and struck through or checked off!

Lists are something that I think a lot of women cling to to try and get order in our chaotic lives. It helps grounds us and sort through all the various parts of our lives in just a few minutes.

But a problem I run into all the time is my lists get so long and there's so much to do - where to start?!

There's where the genius and delightful Mini Goals Notepad by Mary Kate McDevitt comes in.

There are 100 tear-out to-do lists in this awesome l'il 200 page pad, with 15 different designs to help get you motivated and keep things simple enough that you'll actually get stuff done.

I love the "I will get 2 things done" sheets where there are 2 huge spaces that take up most of the page for you to write down your tasks. After completing those, you'll feel on top of the world!  And the "Today I will kick ass and take names" sheets have got to make you want to shout from the rooftops, "I accomplished some stuff today!" If you need a little kickstart, the "After coffee, I will..." sheets are the perfect solution. And if you like to focus on just a few things at once, then you'll be using up the "Today's about quality not quantity" sheets like nobody's business!

The Mini Goals Notepad makes a wonderful gift. Even if it's just for yourself.

Get yours now. Or maybe 10.

Stephanie Dickison

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