MEZZI's Royal Collection Molded Silver Laptop Case Makes a Memorable Gift

Are you still carrying around a messenger bag to haul your computer to work?

It's not 1996, you know.

Sigh. I know - it's hard to find a sleek case that looks good, but won't cost you a whole paycheck.

Well, I think I've got just the thing - MEZZI specializes in all kinds of cases that will take you from looking like you're applying for your first job to looking like the president of the company.

While there are hundreds and hundreds to choose from, I'm particularly taken with the Royal Collection Molded Silver 17.5" Laptop Case.

It oozes James Bond/fashion mogul, without being pretentious or brazen.

This stylin' aluminum case, complete with chromed handles, is a charmer from the get go. The exterior says that you're a professional, but style is important to you. The interior says "Wow!" Oh, and that  you are organized and on top of things too.

See, the soft magenta velvet lining with black leatherette trim is so stunning, that you'll want to keep everything neat and tidy so that you can enjoy the inside as much as the outside.

I love that there are so many dividers (3 with adjustable button straps) and pen slots (3). You can get everything you need when you need it. And to close all of your business deals and meetings, there's a business card pocket too. An accessory pouch keeps your phone, iPod or whatever else you like to carry with you and keep close at hand.

And if you have a big laptop like I do (with a screen up to 17.4"), you'll finally have a case it fits into (good luck trying to get it to fit in other cases, believe me). It comes with customizable foam, so you can pad your computer and other precious items to protect them from dust and bumps. And speaking of protection, there are dual-key latch locks, so you can keep everything safe and sound.

There is a cushiony, detachable shoulder strap as well as a strap inside, so you have a host of different options for carrying the case - which is fantastic for those times you're running for your bus/train/plane.
And little protective feet keep your case off the ground, so when you set it down, you don't have to constantly worry about the bottom getting scratched or dirty.

This is one wickedly handsome case. And it does so much. Can you say the same about that nylon thingy you've been carrying around for the last decade?

What an awesome gift this makes - for yourself, for a friend or colleague or for Dad. Father's Day is coming up...

Stephanie Dickison

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