Make Life Easier with the Bernzomatic Flexible Lighter

Lighting candles should be romantic, not a cause to call the fire department. Lighting the barbecue should be a breeze, but no doubt yours is filled with matches that never quite took.

That's why you should get the Bernzomatic Flexible Lighter. It allows you to get into hard to reach places like tall hurricane lamps, grills and other areas you need to light with it's flexible stem.

You can use it indoors, and thanks to its windproof flame, outdoors too. It's got a big, comfy handle so that it's easy on your hands and with its child-proof switch, you don't have to worry about it getting in the wrong hands.

It also has an adjustable flame so that you can accommodate each situation. The butane cartridge is refillable, making it a much better environmental choice than disposable lighters and they've designed it so that you can see your fuel through a little window so you're never caught short - what a fantastic idea!

Sure you could keep buying matches or disposable lighters, but when there's the Flexible Utility Lighter, why bother?

It's available for only $5.99 at Home Depot and Rona.

Stephanie Dickison

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