Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauces are a Gourmand's Dream!

Hot sauces almost always deliver heat without much flavour.

It takes quite a bit of searching and tasting before you come across one that really stands out with flavours that penetrate your food and palate.

Created by Colleen Clancy, this sauce is like no other that you've ever had. It is fresh and full-bodied, savory with meaty, umami wickedness. It's no wonder, with ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, Michigan honey, wheat-free tamari, fresh garlic, cayenne peppers and molasses. I've had "gourmet" hot sauces before, but never anything with this kind of culinary pedigree.

There are 3 heat levels - Mild, Hot and Extra Hot - and I love each and every one equally. The Mild delivers a very mild heart but so much flavour that I've been covering much of my plates with it when I don't feel like anything spicy. When I'm in the mood for some heat, I turn it up a notch with Hot, which has some, but a very bearable amount of kick. The Extra Hot packs a wallop, but you still get so much flavour that it's just as addictive as the rest. I don't quite have my palate developed to handle the heat of this one, but I'm working on it!

I have to say that I want to carry a bottle around in my purse with me so that I'm never without it. It's making food without it seem like less than. Oh god, have I turned into one of those people who carries around her hot sauce like a crazy person?

Yes, I think I have folks.

And it's all Clancy's Fancy's fault.

Colleen, thank you so much for such a wonderful flavour journey each time I have one of your sauces. It is truly remarkable. It's also remarkable that I really don't like to have anything without a hit of your magic wonder in a bottle either. Bad news for someone that eats for a living.

p.s. If you're smart, you'll become a Clancy's Fan as I did.

Stephanie Dickison

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