Bring the Gallery to You - And Your Friends - with David Choe: 30 Postcards

David Choe: 30 Postcards is a collection of "hyperkinetic illustration, pop portraits, and raw, graffiti-fueled paintings" featured on 30 different postcards.

This fascinating street and gallery artist is one of the best illustrators of our time. Using everything from oil paint, watercolours, spray paint, collage, blood and body parts and often mixing them together, David Choe gets under you skin and right into your soul.

In fact, you'll be so moved by David's images that you might not send all of the postcards to friends, family and colleagues. If you're like me, you'll be keeping a bunch, framing them and putting them up at home and the office. I love how provocative they are. Some are fierce while other images are heartbreaking. A few of the postcards made me laugh, where others are so thought-provoking, many minutes passed before I looked away.

One of my favourites is "Bangs" (pictured above). There is so much mood and emotion here, you don't need to see her eyes to feel it.

Send David Choe: 30 Postcards out into the world. And keep a few for yourself. 


Stephanie Dickison

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