Shape Up Effortlessly For Spring with ShaToBu!

Despite being a former certified fitness instructor,  the reality is that my exercise these days consists of walks to media events and restaurants, errands around town and the occasional dance exercise DVD.

So when I found out about ShaToBu, I thought they must too good to be true.

See, at first glance, it looks to be your typical body shaper product. Which by no means is a little thing. To be able to get me in that dress with these thighs? Hallejuah!

But see, it is actually a scientific revolution that you've got there in your hands.

ShaToBu, "The Workout You Wear," is the revolutionary shaper developed by chiropractor Dr. Denise Perron,  that "helps women shape, tone and burn more calories during everyday activities."


Okay, so let me get this straight - I slip on this shapewear, immediately looking slimmer, AND I get to "work out" and "burn more calories" without having to do anything else but just wearing these items?

How the hell does it do that?

Oh, I see. They've built seamless resistance bands right into their garments, so you burn more calories and your muscles work harder.  Stitched into optimal areas, the bands give you a slight resistance so that you move a little more, a little further, a little harder.

But do they actually work?

"Independent scientific studies from the University of Virginia show that women who wear ShaToBu during daily activities burn UP TO 12% MORE calories during daily activities like walking or climbing stairs."

I have tried on a ton of shapewear garments in my time and these are damn comfy. There's no rolling up or buldging, the combination of nylon and lycra means that you won't be too hot or feel too squeezed in and the cotton CoolMax gusset ensures you'll stay cool down there no matter how many stairs you climb. And surprisingly, there's little fatigue that comes along with you. You may be working out harder throughout the day, but you certainly don't feel like you are. And there's no corset-y, restricted-type feeling that you sometimes feel in shapewear pieces.

I tried the Waist to Knee Shaper, which is great for everything from skinny jeans to pencil skirts.In fact, the Footless Shaping Tight works with them too. I've never seen a shaper like this before - you can rock everything from a little shift for work to a mini dress after hours!

Styles come lots of sizes (small to large-tall) and in Jet Black and Buff. My suggestion? Get one of each colour so that you've got one for every outfit.

Because if you had to pick between a shapewear that just slims you and a shapewear that slims and helps you tone your muscles and burn calories, which one would you choose?

Shop the entire ShaToBu collection now or shop at select Bay locations and independent boutiques across Canada.

Stephanie Dickison

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