Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa Blossom Intense Keeps Your Colour Longer

I have been colouring my hair for decades. So you can imagine what a dry hot mess it is.

And because it is platinum blond, it is near to impossible to ever get it looking shiny.

But thanks to Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa Blossom Instense, I've finally got glossy locks.

See, as soon as you colour your hair, it needs a treatment that immediately locks in your colour and adds shine.

SEAH Blossom Intense is an  in-salon, post-colour gel-cream that was "especially developed to secure and reveal the true radiance of freshly coloured hair." The way it works is that it envelops each strand and seals in the colour pigments. This intense treatment works quickly on your hair - you'll feel a difference right away - but it lasts and lasts.

Your hair will look and feel softer and smoother and your hair will be shinier than you've ever experienced. 

And your colour will last longer, thanks to this little miracle worker and a bunch of great ingredients such as amaranth oil and Japanese Cherry (Japan's national flower). BTW - this treatment smells so incredible, you'll want to use it simply for its wonderful aroma!

Use SEAH Blossom Intense after every in-salon colour service. Simply apply the entire tube over your hair, making sure you've got each strand covered. Leave it on for just 3-5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Ta-dah! Shiny, manageable, beautifully brilliant hair is now yours.

If you colour your hair, protect it with Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa Blossom Instense.

Stephanie Dickison

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