Prince William & Kate Middleton Will Be Wearing Clive Christian Perfumes - Now You Can Too!

If you haven't heard of Clive Christian, you're about to get inundated.

See, Clive not only makes the World's Most Expensive Perfume, he has been commissioned to "create a unique presentation of a matched pair of Clive Christian No.1 Perfumes - his and hers - for His Royal Highness Prince William and Catherine Middleton in honor of their union."

See, back in 1999, Clive  revived one of the oldest perfumeries in Britain (the Crown Perfumery) which was honored by Queen Victoria in 1872 when she granted the company the image of her crown as an enduring symbol of British excellence. In fact, she had the perfumery create perfumes for her and Prince Albert that were meant to "match and complement each other."

So this long, long, long tradition continues on, thanks to Mr. Christian

At the heart of the collection is No. 1 Perfume, which is world’s most expensive perfume, with only 1000 bottles released each year. But you can purchase this rare scent. Yes, it will set you back a little but, but it was created with the most rare and precious natural ingredients. You know how sometimes you feel like a million bucks? Well, now you can smell like it for a lot less. This scent oozes sophistication and beauty. It's classic and warm and yes, even regal. I don't know all of the ingredients, but a hint of Tahitian vanilla, rosa centafolia and Indian jasmine are completely captivating. Don't be surprised if you keep sneaking whiffs of your wrist throughout the day...

1872 For Women is the year that Queen Victoria granted her crown to the House. And although "170 roses are required to create a single drop of the precious Rose de Mai," it's so much more than just rose. There is a wonderful sunshiney, citrusy bounce to it, while remaining classy and even erudite. It is lighter than you probably imagine, but by no means airy. This beauty has got weight.

For something a little deeper, a little darker, you've got to try X. It has rare Egyptian Jasmine that is gathered from the banks of the Nile at dusk and was apparently used by Cleopatra to capture Mark Anthony’s heart. Its intense warmth and depth make it a clear choice if you want to catch someone's attention.

One of the most joyous scents - and my fav alongside No. 1 -  has got to be C. This is from Clive's Private Collection and it's incredibly sensual without being heavy. Rose, jasmine, violet and tuberose intermingle and tangle to give off a musky, sexy vibe that lasts and lasts.

Versions are also available for the fellas.


The quality of these fragrances cannot be beat. Why not treat yourself? You deserve it!

Stephanie Dickison

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