Pack the Prettiest Lunch with Urban Harmonie's Reusable Lunchbags

For a short while, I actually went to an office instead of working here at my desk at the end of my bed.

Working outside the home has many challenges that don't occur here - there's the commute, people other than your cat to talk to and lunch options.

At home, I eat whenever and make whatever, depending upon my time and mood. When you work in an office, you have limited options. And where I was working, there wasn't much around to choose from, so I packed my lunch.

The problem I had was:

1. I could never find a bag cute enough to carry, so I ended up using ugly plastic bags
2. I could never find one big enough to hold my various containers of carrots, crackers, salads and whatever else I trucked in to hold me over for the day

So you can imagine my immense delight when I happened upon Urban Harmonie!

Made with the environment in mind, these delightful lunch bags and snack bags do not contain PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead or formaldehyde. Creator Vicki Davidson says, "The loops and handles on the lunch bags are made from our scrap fabric, we reuse old buttons  and we use only Kraft boxes and envelopes for shipping which can either be reused or recycled."
The fabric used are quality quilting cottons "coated to create a durable, water-resistant, easy to clean surface." The interior of the bags use Pro Care Barrier Fabric.  This makes it waterproof and extremely durable. And to clean your sweet l'il bag, you simply need only wipe it with a cloth and hang it to dry!

And let's talk about these fabrics, because you won't find anything cuter than In The City, Kittens and Fun Times. If you like patterns, you'll swoon for Avocado Damask, Lotus and Retro Wave.

The detail and care of these Canadian-made bags is extraordinary. Aside from the fun fabrics, you then have to think about what size you need. Do you want a strap, loop or both? Do you like it short, tall or bento shaped? There is so much to choose from!

I went with the truly awesome Pop Art Tall Boxed Lunch Bag (pictured above). I am a huge Roy Lichtenstein fan, so this bag makes me very, very happy. It also allows me to pack a whack of food (which let's face it, as a food writer, I'm not subsisting on grapes alone...). There is also an insert included, a little bamboo fibre tray that fits perfectly into the bottom, giving the bag a smidge more stability and strength. I also like that it gives a very flat bottom so that my various eats don't slip and slide while I'm navigating my way through subway crowds, etc. The insert is made without chemicals or fertilizers and does not absorb liquids or fibres. When you're done with it, place it in your compost. It will degrade 45-90 later.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Even though I'm back at home, I still pack my lunch in this cutie. And now I take food with me wherever I happen to go.

Because a bag this cute should not be left at home where no one can see or enjoy it.

Stephanie Dickison

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