OPI's Femme De Cirque - The Perfect Spring Accessory

I love the changeover from winter to spring.

Black clothing suddenly seems so goth and the warm air just begs for frothy dresses and lighter shades.

So OPI's new collection, Femme De Cirque, is ideal for spring.

The collection includes 3 pink hues and 1 sheer glitter coat that can be worn on its own or painted over the other lacquers for a completely new look.  They fit right in with the ultra feminine ballerina look that is hot this spring and will go with whatever outfit you choose.

Select from:
- In the Spot-Light Pink - cheery bubblegum pink
- Step Right Up! - delicate rose
- So Many Clowns, So Little Time - creamy pale pink
- I Juggle…Men - iridescent opal shimmers with purple-pink sparkle

Ooh, these are just so lovely - don't be surprised if you can't stop wearing them!

Shop OPI's new collection, Femme De Cirque, now!

Stephanie Dickison

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