Old School Meets New School with the Fun RetroFit TV

Sometimes I miss the old way we did things.

Like slipping a fresh piece of paper into a typewriter and clacking your way through a letter or rotary dial phones, where calling someone long-distance required a fare amount of finger strength.

I still dress up for dinner's out, prefer diner coffee to Starbucks, and send letters and cards by mail, so I remain a little old-fashioned, despite loving HTML, SEO and all of my technological gadgets that keep me tuned in and locked down.

RetroFit TV is the perfect marriage of past and present. Suitable for iPhones and the iPod Touch, you simply pop your device into the old school looking TV tray, slide the tray into the sleeve, prop up the stand and sit back and enjoy watching TV the way you used to.

Whether you're at home, on a plane or train or having a party, RetroFit TV is the best way to watch videos, movies and TV reruns.

I suggest having a TV dinner while you watch to complete the experience.

Stephanie Dickison

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