Left-Handed Folks Need Things Too, So Shop Lefty's Left Hand

I am fascinated by left-handed folks. Have you ever noticed how many intelligent and artistic people are "lefties"? Try Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie and Jerry Seinfeld, to name just a few.

Like many right-handers, I tried to switch to writing with my left hand, but couldn't quite manage it. And now I see how hard it is even for left-handers - they have to position their hand in such a way that it won't smear the ink. And you don't realize how many tools are made with right people in mind, such as scissors, portfolios, etc.

So when I discovered Lefty's Left Hand, I thought, "This is what the world needs more of! Why should it be so right-hand dominated?"

The selection at Lefty's is vast. Whether you need a fun gift or something practical, you'll find it all here.

To show what good company you're in, get the Lefties Rule Mouse Pad. Pictures of Queen Victoria, Napoleon and Alexander the Great will be at your side while you type away. It's nice to be surrounded by greatness, isn't it?

And in case you have to make the occasional note by hand, you're going to want to keep the Left Handed Portfolio close by. Lefty's went in search of one that opens to the right that they could offer their customers and when they couldn't find one at a good price, they commissioned one from Random Arts. They're a "small, family run, US company specializing in binders since 1954. The company operates a recycling program for vinyl 3- ring binders, re-using the vinyl in its own products." 

Each portfolio comes with a Yoropen, which I looove, and each part of the portfolio is either "100% recycled, or contains a substantial percentage of recycled content." The lined pad that comes with it is also 100% recycled.

And don't miss out on the Le Chat Backwards Watch (pictured above). The hands move counterclockwise and the numbers are reversed or "backwards" to standard clock and watches. If you hold it up to a mirror, it looks "normal" but some lefties can read it naturally this way. The expandable, adjustable silver band and pearlized face is quite chic, making it a great gift for the lefty in your life.

Stephanie Dickison

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