Get Wild with Yves Rochers's New Eye Collection!

As much as I love bold fashion, I tend to play things pretty safe when it comes to makeup.

See, I believe that I simply can't pull off the same looks that I see the uber-cool girls in the fashion pages and on the street. So I end up doing the same thing I've been doing since I was 15 - dark eyeliner along the rim of my lashes. No wonder I still look the same as when I was a kid...

But now I am rockin' bold colours and long-lasting looks, thanks to Yves Rocher's amazing new Eyeliners!

Though I've been wearing it for most of my life, I still  favour the Marilyn Monroe look of black liner on my upper lashes. The high-precision Felt-Tip Liner 12H allows me to get a smooth, sleek line of varying widths with ease and without mess-ups. I adore how absolute black it is and that though it lasts for 12 hours, it comes off with warm water and soap without having to scrub it off.  Just watch this become one of the most used liners in your collection!

Thanks to Yves Rocher, for one of the first times since I was a young tween, I am wearing bright and bold colours! Their new Waterproof Eye Pencils are among the best, most innovative products I've come across for many reasons:

- they go on creamy soft and smooth (thanks to Chamomile extract), you'll look like a pro applied your makeup
- water-resistant means that they'll keep up with you and your crazybusy day 
- there's a pearly iridescence to the colours that really captures the light and lends an exotic, glamourous look
- the colours are fabulous and despite their brilliance, surprisingly complementary
- these cost less than those drugstore ones you've been buying 

I tried Blue, Turquoise and Copper and though I still rock my Black Felt-Tip 12H from time to time, I cannot stop showing my true colours with these incredible, look-changing, life-changing Waterproof Eye Pencils.

Shop Yves Rocher's Eye Pencils & Liners and do your eyes up like never before.

Stephanie Dickison

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