Celebrate Each and Every Day with Kate Spade's Twirl!

When I was a teenager, kate spade was a fairly new designer and she'd just come out with this black nylon purse that was revolutionary at the time. It was small and boxy in shape with a small label on the front - "kate spade."

All the cool girls of course had them. I carried an army store bag (also popular at the time, but it certainly didn't have the cachet or prestige that the "kate bag" as we called it, had) and pretended not to care, but I most certainly did.

Now kate spade offers a little something for everyone at prices that are within reach, so there's no feeling left out anymore. The line includes clothing, stationery, accessories and now, her very first fragrance - Twirl.

This happy-go-lucky scent is a smile in a bottle. It's like spring in New York, that feeling when you slip on a pair of new soft leather shoes or that moment when you think you might be falling in love.

Even the bottle itself - with falling gold confetti and finished with a 1940-esque gold knob - is cheerful.

This scent works both for day and night. It's floral and fruity but not too much of either. It's modern and optimistic, just like you! Intriguing ingredients such as pink watermelon, red currant, musk and French macaron are simply delightful when pulled together like this.

When I put this on, I feel like I can be anyone and do anything. It's more than just a perfume, it's an elixir!

Shop the Twirl Collection now and celebrate each and every day.

Stephanie Dickison

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