Achieve Dramatic, Sexy Eyes with Yves Rocher 360° Length Mascara

I can't believe my own eyes.

My lashes are spectacular and practically knee-length!

Oh Yves Rocher, you always do it up right and never disappoint!  Your New 360° Length Mascara is completely and utterly divine.

Using a wicked new design for the brush (tiny bristles of varying lengths), each lash gets captured and coated WITHOUT CLUMPING. Even those microscopic little guys in the corner that you can never quite reach! Your lashes have never looked so long, so dramatic and so darn breathtaking!

The formula (including almond protein that strengthens and sheaths each lash) is amazing because it makes my lashes look dipped in sleek, black liquid, without making me look too Lady Gaga or Tammy Faye. And I find that one coat does the job beautifully - no need to keep applying and messing up your makeup! Just think of all the time, money and energy you'll save just doing it just the once.  

And that's not all. This look not only gives you longer looking lashes, it lasts for 12 hours, is available in  gray, black and brown shades and comes off easily at the end of the day.

Yes, it's everything you've ever wanted.

That's just how Yves Rocher rolls, y'all.

Feed your addiction for seriously long, seriously sexy lashes with Yves Rocher's New 360° Length Mascara.

Stephanie Dickison

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