Special Technology Report: Freedom Pro Accessories Are Can't-Live-Without Items

I have been a proponent of smartphones since the very beginning. I know you know this now, but they really allow you to do so much.

In fact, I wrote about half of my book on my lovely HTC years ago and after I basically wore the keys right down to their wires, I switched to a Blackberry.

Like most smartphone users, my whole life is on here - I email, text and tweet while on the go, have my calendar and contacts with me and I work on this thing as much as I do on my laptop at home.

But as much as I love it, it still isn't as nimble as being on a regular keyboard and it's more tiring on the hands. I am limited to how much I can get done on my phone vs. working on my laptop.

So why I discovered Freedom Pro, it was love at first sight!

Their Freedom Pro Keyboard is a bluetooth keyboard that works with PDA's, smartphones, pocket PCs and UMPC's (in plain language, all that means is that it'll  work with your Blackberry, Window Mobile phone, Android, iPhone and iPad and even netbooks, Playstation3's, your PC or Mac - see the complete list). Basically, you're turning your phone into a laptop.

You initially set up your keyboard to connect via bluetooth (it takes just a minute with just a few steps) and then from then on, all you have to do to connect is press a key on your phone and turn your keyboard on. Instant gratification!

There is a pull out, folding stand that you set your phone on and because the whole set up is wireless, you don't necessarily have the phone right in front of the keyboard. Put it where it's most comfortable for you, or where space allows.

And unlike most accessory keyboards that are too small or hard to use, the Freedom Pro Keyboard is full size and has the most amazing soft keys - you'll want to type on just this from now on!  There are 6 dedicated keys that allow you to work off your phone as if it were in your hand (answer call, end/reject call, open messages/email, open address book, open tasks and open calendar), so that you don't have to give up any functionality while remaining uber productive.

You'll love being able to navigate all around your phone through just the keyboard. Switching back and forth between applications is so fast (faster than on your phone even!) and I have been able to get days of work done in just a few hours because I can be working and talking at the same time.

Sometimes I bring work to bed with me. Either I'm on a short deadline or I just can't sit at my desk anymore, but it's not always conducive to bring my big, bulky laptop to bed either because it's low on battery or it's just too uncomfortable. Now I bring my Freedom Pro Keyboard and work off of my phone and it's so easy! Just imagine how this will change everything for you - working on a plane or train, in a doctor's waiting room, etc. There's not always an outlet available for your laptop and sometimes you don't want to wait through it starting up or it's too awkward to work in such a small place, but this incredible keyboard changes all of that. 

It folds up into a beautiful leather-like case, so you can bring it anywhere with you. It uses just 2 AAA batteries (that are included!) and thanks to LED indicators, you can always tell when you're connected and how much power you've got.

The Freedom Pro Keyboard is one of the best accessories I've ever come across and it has made my life so much easier/better, I can't imagine life without it now.

And to help keep me productive, I keep the Freedom Walk & Talk in my purse at all times.  See, it gives me up to 1 hour of emergency talk time when I really need it.

And I know you've experienced this, when you go to use your phone and it's dead and it's not convenient or even possible to try and fine another phone or computer nearby.  Sigh. It is an awful place to be. But that is a thing of the past when you carry the Freedom Walk & Talk with you!

This small little black box is strong, yet light and will charge your devices with a Micro USB charging port using the foldaway Micro USB power cable. And it had an internal charging circuit that:

  • Makes sure it will fully recharge, every time, even when "top up" charging (no need to fully discharge it first) up to 500 times.
  • Protects both your phone and the battery from overcharging.
  • Allows you to charge both the phone and the battery at the same time; prevents overcharging and ensures optimum charging every time
See? I told you it was great!

Freedom Pro Accessories are absolute essentials if you want/have to work or stay connected while on the go. And really, in this day and age, who doesn't?

Stephanie Dickison

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