Redefine Your Silhouette with Yves Rocher's New Green Coffee Bean Line

As I get older, my body is rapidly changing.

If I don't watch what I eat and exercise, the consequences latch on to my tummy and thighs like koalas to trees.

And though I do try live a healthy lifestyle, it is a challenge to keep my body as taut as it once was.

That is why I am grateful for the help I've found in Yves Rocher's new line of body products, Minceur Cafe Vert,  that targets those trouble spots - stomach, legs and buttocks.

Using green coffee beans combined with Ficaria extract, the appearance of your skin becomes dramatically improved.

Despite having lost a lot of weight this year, cellulite remains. I have been using Yves Rocher's Cellulite Reducer for the last 6 weeks and have noticed an incredible difference. It is A LOT less noticeable. With swimsuit season not so far away, this is a cause for celebration!

Flat abs is a notion of what seems like forever ago, back when I was a Fitness Instructor and could eat to my heart's content and not gain an ounce. However, now that I eat for a living, flat is not the word I would use. But Smooth Abs seems to be helping. By no means could I walk the Victoria's Secret runway, but I'm getting there.

One of the most innovative products in the line is Stubborn Zones. I like to use this on my stomach and thighs, where  my former, younger parts that were beneath a cottage cheese-like facade, are coming shining through.

Although I have not transformed to a size zero model, my skin has improved significantly in a short amount of time.  And to me, that makes these miracle products.

I write about Yves Rocher's products over and over because they:

- are incredily affordable
- yield great results
- are Canadian-made with natural products 

The Minceur Cafe Vert line is no exception.  Start now and you'll be in tip-top shape for the upcoming micro mini season.

p.s. Get the line now at these incredibly low introductory prices. That way, you'll have the bikini body and you'll have enough left over to buy yourself a new suit!

Stephanie Dickison

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