reBloom Helps You Get a Good Night's Sleep, Naturally

I'll be honest. I haven't been sleeping all that well lately.

After coming off of an intense 3 month work project, I now stay up worrying about all the things I've  got to catch up on. That, along with all the things I want to accomplish this year and well, you get the idea... It's lead to months of horrible sleep and never really feeling caught up.

Until reBloom.

I was skeptical actually. I mean, I know lavender is calming and soothing, but could it along with a few other natural ingredients really induce sleep?
I am thrilled to report the answer is yes!

All you do is drink the tiny bottle (or half if you prefer) 30-60 minutes before bed. I actually brought my work and blackberry with me (I know, I have some serious issues to work on) and about an hour later, I started to get sleepy. Now granted it was almost 1 a.m. so I should have been drowsy, but here's the thing: I actually slept through the night for once and awoke feeling rested.

Using just valerian (a natural sleep aid used since Roman times), chamomile, the aforementioned lavender extract, melatonin (which you've no doubt already tried for curing sleepless nights) and l-theanine (an amino acid in green tea), filtered water and salt, reBloom did the trick.

It tastes like a slightly thick herbal tea or like an aloe drink from the health food store. Pleasant enough, but you'll be so distracted by lack of sleep that I doubt you'll think much about the taste. You know that cycle where you're just trying to get through because you are so exhausted?

Like you, I've tried many natural remedies in the past, but they never worked. I'd toss and turn as if I'd just downed a coffee, not a herbal elixir. But reBloom is different. Maybe because Jonathon Bunt, CEO and Founder made it outta love. For his wife. So she wouldn't have to take Ambien for the rest of her life. Or maybe it's because it's the right combination of things that allows you to quiet your mind and find sleep again.

Either way, I am grateful to have found reBloom.

Sleep can be yours again. Naturally and at an affordable price.


Stephanie Dickison

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