Kasha Ritter Yoga Mat Made LLC Bags Change Your Life

You know how sometimes you meet someone or find something that completely changes your life?
Kasha Ritter's  Yoga Mat Made LLC Bags are truly extraordinary, as is the woman herself (though I have never met her).

See, Kasha decided to "lessen stress" and decide what she needed. She figured out that she wanted a bag that would take care of itself, giving herself one less thing to have to worry about. 

Smart cookie.  

So she created a line of bags - Simple, Art, Eco and You Line -  that would fulfill this need. When asked why, she says:

"Because when life is full, busy or hard it's nice to surround yourself with flexible, gentle creativity. Because you are creative at your core and it shows in how you live your life, what you value and the kind heart you have. Because some days that heart needs to be supported which is what we hope we can do for you like you do for so many. Namaste."

Can you imagine how amazing it feels to be carrying around a beautiful, handmade bag that has that much love in it?

Well, I'll tell you - it's like having your best friend's hand on your shoulder at all times. It's like someone handing you a cuppa hot tea on a cold and rainy day and on those days where you feel you can't take one more thing going wrong, it's a vessel of hope and light (that also happens to be carrying all of your important items).

And combine that with the material it's made out of - a yoga mat. So it stands up to whatever the weather, wipes clean, bends so even if you're stuck on the subway in rush hour, your bag will bounce back, is cushiony and fun feeling and looking and as Kasha writes, "Handles what you have to, instilled with kind intention."

The goodness doesn't end there. Oh no, it's keeps on coming. 

My EVerything Black Tote from the Splash Line (pictured above) keeps me grounded, both with its intention and it's expansive space.  I love how it feels - soft and forgiving (because life is hard enough, isn't it?) - and looks (that splash of gray, with smart black straps goes with EVerything!). The sturdy flat bottom means I can pick up everything from my library books to laundry detergent and the inside pocket keeps my keys, shopping list and whatever other essentials I need, close at hand.  

You should know that this tote also comes with a clear window that holds a "Thank You" card in it. Also included is a pen, a packet of tissues and a poem that got me right here (and that I now keep in my wallet).  See the thought and care that goes into each item?

It's truly moving.  How many bags bring you to tears?

I love the whole line, especially:

- The Brb Bag (Brown Bassett) is great for those that want a dog but can't have one.

- The EVerywhere Yoga Mat Bag that brings good karma to every class.

- Love to ride? Then you've got to get yourself EXplore Lucky.

- Melt your heart with the Zee-Bra Tote.

- And take your inner peace with you the incredible EXactly-OM.

I am forever grateful to Kasha Ritter and her wonderful bags. I have been shown such kindness and love and now I get to carry it around with me.

There is no greater present than that, so buy yourself and others Kasha Ritter Yoga Mat Made Bags.

Stephanie Dickison

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