Halle Berry's New Fragrance Reveal Is Stunning. Just Like Halle.

"I wanted to show yet another side of myself... something that was very glamourous, yet natural and easy to wear." - Halle Berry

There is only one answer to the question - If you could smell like Halle Berry, would you?

Yes please!

I mean, who doesn't want to smell like one of the most beautiful, sexy women on the planet?

Well now you can with the Halle Berry line of fragrances.

I tried her latest scent, Reveal and it is everything I thought it would be - pretty, light and sunny, but with warmth and depth, that seems to deepen as you wear it. Halle describes it as:

"Reveal is a radiant floral fragrance that has a perfect balance. Light and fresh,it becomes sexier as you wear it. The scent of iris can be a bit dark or woody, but I decided to choose facets of it that make it feel velvety soft and airy."

This is one of those scents that you'll want to wear not only everyday, but is suitable for both day and evening. The top notes - red berries, juicy peach, mimosa and honeydew melon - aren't as fruity as they sound. I think the plumeria flower, iris blossom and neroli petals are far more prevalent, but that's just on me (On you, the fruit might just pop out on top).  Finishing with vetiver, cashmere woods and skin milk, there is a classic feel to this scent. Iconic, even. Like it was meant for classic beauties like Halle, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, etc.

Now I'm no beauty, but this scent does make me feel more beautiful. And isn't that what you want from your perfume (aside from smelling delectable, which you will with this scent)?

Some celebrities create fragrances that are about promoting themselves and their brand. With Reveal, I think Halle has created something truly ever-lasting, that will be as relevant in 50 years as it is today.

Stephanie Dickison

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