Get Noticed With Annabelle's Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss

I feel lucky to live in an age where I can plump up my lips artificially and look all pouty and sexy at a moment's notice.

What I don't like is to feel burning or stinging, which has happened with plumpers in the past.

You don't have to worry about that with Annabelle's Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss. It goes on soft and smooth and stays that way. Without any pain, or stickiness.

In fact, you might be surprised at how light it feels. Because don't you find that usually plumpers are heavy? Ugh. I hate that.

You'll also find with these beauties that your lips stay hydrated. You know how with many plumpers, your lips are kind of sealed off from everything, including air? Not with Volumelip.

And let's talk about the shades, because they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. You get the high shine you want with a little colour. Not too much, not too little - just enough to look smokin' hot.

And at this reasonable price, you can afford to get a couple. 

Okay, three!

Get incredible lips and get noticed with Annabelle's Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss.

Stephanie Dickison

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