Enjoy Your iPad In Every Possible Way with TabGrip

There are so many iPad products that I could dedicate an entire blog to just reviewing iPad stuff.

But not all products are created equally and as you know, I have very high standards to what I feature here.

When I found TabGrip, I was amazed at its versatility and stability. The ingenious design makes it more than simply a protective cover and case.

First of all, this is the tightest case, both slangwise and casewise. Get this secure rubber case on and never worry about it coming off. It's here to stay. Which is what you want when you're jammed body to body on the subway or as you're racing for a cab, as your bag slaps against you. Your iPad is totally protected with TabGrip.

You get a stand that allows you to watch TV or view slides from your summer vacation. Or type or bank online. Or all the things that you do throughout the day. The legs slide out easily so you're all set up in just 2 seconds. Use it horizontally and vertically, whatever way suits you and your space. The legs also serve as comfortable grips that make it easy to carry, share or use while on the go.

The TabGrip allows you to get the most out of your iPad, which you won't get from that case from Future Shop.

'Nuff said.

Stephanie Dickison

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