Bulldog Gin Takes Gin to a Whole New Level

Premium vodkas get a lot of press because they often have famous faces attached to them.

But Bulldog Gin deserves serious accolades too - Wine Enthusiast Magazine gave it the highest rating for a gin ever.

That's because it's not only quadruple-distilled, but it's infused with 12 botanicals that you've never experienced in a spirit before - Dragon eye ("cousin of the lychee fruit and long heralded as an ancient Asian aphrodisiac"), coriander, poppy, lavender, juniper, lemon, almond, liquorice, angelica, lotus leaves, cassia and orris.

You experience them as soon as it enters your mouth. There is this warm heat initially and then the individual flavours start to pop around on your tongue like Pop Rocks: there's the lavender and lemon, followed by juniper and almond... it's incredibly exhilarating.

The celebration continues with each sip. It builds and loosens you right up. It is seriously sexy. Almost creamy, and on the verge of sparkly, like fireworks. And I know you might not think of dry gins like this, but this one's changing the game.  I mean, just check out the bottle!

I enjoy it just as it is on the rocks, but you should take advantage of the amazing cocktails listed on the website and facebook.They have even gone to the trouble of categorizing them for you - basic, seasonal, exotic, classic and shots. I like the British Mule (only 136 calories!), London Light, and Bulldog Mojito, Bulldog Fizz, Negroni, but seriously, you can't go wrong with this gin.

And for those of you that don't normally drink (or like) gin, Bulldog Gin might just change your mind.

Buy Bulldog Gin now and finally have drinks that delight you from head to toe.

Stephanie Dickison

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