Write Anywhere with Zenquenz Roll-Up, Fold Over Journals

I wrote in notebooks and journals long before I was writer. And most people I know who use journals aren't writers by profession, so use them for whatever is important and exciting for you, not what you feel should go into them.

Whether you like to record, sketch, plan or schedule the Zequenz 360 Journals work where you need them to.

See, these innovative books roll up and fold over completely cover-to-cover, so you can write anywhere - from the Adobe Desert to your local coffee shop. The binding curves without ever breaking so you work your book as hard as you need to and cram it into your carry on and the like (you know you're going to anyway, you might as well get one that will stand up to it). They will roll-up and fold back forever.

There are other fine touches that set it apart from the rest - opulent covers that you just want to smooth your hands over and over again, curved corners that make the journals approachable and comfortable to use, smooth pages that make it easy to write and an attached bookmark that saves you from looking up where you last left off.

Lined and unlined journals are available in either black or red and in varying sizes. Check out where to buy them near you.

Your life is important. Why not record it?

Stephanie Dickison

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