Get Smooth, Shiny Hair With Creative Professional's Hand-Crafted Combs

Sometimes it's the simplest things that much such a difference.

If you use a comb, you probably use it every day. Now try to imagine not being able to comb your hair. So it's as important as your cuppa coffee and your phone, but I bet you wouldn't have thought of it that way until now.

That's why you shouldn't be using just any ol' comb. You should have the very best.

This unbelievable find is "sawcut from a single sheet of high quality Italian produced cellulose (cotton) acetate and its teeth gently rounded."  So no, no tortoises were harmed to make this gorgeous tool, and it won't snag or catch your hair like most combs. 

Creative Professional Combs are made to protect your hair. Cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum based plastic that you usually see used for glasses frames. And it turns out that this material is a natural non-irritant to skin and resists static, so why would you use anything?

It is durable, not to mention damn beautiful.

Why should people who use brushes get all of the beautiful hair tools?

Stephanie Dickison

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