Stay Warm & Dry This Winter with Dahlgren's Incredible Alpaca Socks

Today I went for a 3 hour walk with my Mom. It was 12 below with the wind chill making it seem like it was minus 17.

Good thing I had on a pair of Dalhgren's.

See, they have patented a technology - Dri-Stride - that absorbs moisture as it's created and then disintegrates it, so that your feet stay dry no matter how long you walk. 

And while you might be thinking that you have to sacrifice comfort for dryness, think again. The fine folks at Dalhgren's - a family business, by the way - use alpaca, one of the softest fibers, and blend it with merino wool. So you get a crazy comfy and warm sock that stands up to the cold, long walks and whatever else you do.  Oh, and their design and technology actually fight against blisters. And with half of your boots (although very nice) being too big or too small, you know you could do a lot more this winter if you didn't have oozing sores on your feet.

I tried out the Metro (pictured above), which are thin and light-weight, but so unbelievably warm. It feels like your feet are being warmed by a blanket by the fire the entire time you wear them. Isn't that how you want to feel in this harsh weather?

I will never spend another winter without Dalhgren Socks. They offer me everything I need - and then some: there are supercute socks for everyday, outdoor socks for those of you who like to get your camping/hiking on, and perhaps my favourite category, the winter boot selections that keep your tooties snug and warm despite the freezing temperatures.

Dalhgren only makes socks. That's all they do. So why are you buying your socks from a company that makes jeans and workboots?

Shop Dalhgren now and have a warm, dry winter for once.

Stephanie Dickison

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