Spritz Your Favourite Scents On The Go with the Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer

Do you apply perfume just once in the morning or do you like to reapply before heading out in the evening?

I've just discovered the wonderful Sen7,  a sexy little modern fragrance atomizer that allows you to keep your favourite perfume close on hand so you can freshen up anytime, anywhere.

Sen7 has made fragrance atomizers that not only look damn sexy (James Bond Girls wouldn't look out of place with one), but are small enough to fit into your teeniest clutches and purses. They also fit comfortably in your hand - no hard edges here.

Just lightly press the top and your fragrance is gently released. The sen7 funnel allows you to refill it quickly and with ease.

I like having one stashed in my everyday bag so that if I forget to spritz before heading out for the day, I can do it on the go. And I love this option for traveling - I don't want to bring my big, beautiful and ornate perfume bottles and have to cram them into my luggage where they are sure to break (and it takes me years to go through a bottle of perfume - I don't want to have to lug that around with me, worrying if it's going to leak or break all over my clothes and belongings. The Sen7 allows me to bring enough so that I won't run out (5.8 mL- up to 70 sprays!) and I can leave my precious bottles at home. Win-win.

And the design is just gorgeous - who wouldn't want to carry this beauty around with them? In all these colours, including the classics? Buy two and swap the tops for even more colour options! You know that every time you pull it out, conversations will quiet and all heads will turn your way.

I wear perfume every day and Sen7 allows me to put it on whether I'm in a hotel room in Bangkok or simply 2 blocks away out for dinner.

Shop the entire Sen7 collection and smell great all the time.

p.s. These make a fantastic gift  - for your friends, bridesmaids, family, etc..

Stephanie Dickison

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