Restore Your Balance with Golden Earth's Aromatherapy Body Care Products

I bet you could use a lift right about now.

It's cold out, it's not even middle of the week yet... Ugh, right?

Not anymore, thanks to Golden Earth.

Created by aromatherapist Elizabeth Golden,  this body care line is based on essential oils and whole products that are good for your body.

But that's not the best part.

It's how they make you feel - inside and out.

One of my favourite (and most important) parts of the day is my morning shower. It sets the tone for my day and gets my revved for the events to come. And Golden Earth's Organic Aromatherapy Bath Gels are a must whether you rock the shower or the tub. With names like Fresh, Love and Tranquility and scents that smell like gardens, not chemicals, you can't help but have a stellar day!

Naturally, you should follow with Elizabeth's Organic Aromatherapy Body Lotions. Using the most nourishing natural ingredients such as Acai pulp, brazil nut seed  and andiroba seed oils as well as capuacu butter, your skin will feel soft and supple like it used to. And you'll smell good too.

Speaking of which, are you looking for natural, organic perfumes? Then get yourself some Perfumes from Nature. These little wonders are like a burst of sunshine and a wave of happiness - how can you not feel great wearing scents called Euphoria and Grace?!

And to keep with your new year's resolution of taking better care of yourself, slowing down, being in the moment... (I know you know these), envelop yourself in Chakra Wellness Therapy Oils. Each essential oil "has its own unique vibration to promote wellness in the body," bringing you that peace and quiet that you've been longing for.

Be good to yourself and your body. You deserve it.  

Shop the entire Golden Earth Collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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