Recycle Your Hangers with Ease with the Hanger Hamper

I love our place, but our bedroom closet is a constant source of agony (it even frustrated our organizer!). No matter how much I cull my clothes and rearrange things, I end up with having to yank out tops and by the end of the week, the closet looks like it's been raided by a 12-year-old.

One of my recent discoveries was that as I've been donating clothes at our local shelter box, I've been folding everything and hence, my closet still has the same number of hangers.

But how to recycle them? I've tried taking an armful to my dry cleaner, but that ended with hangers all over the sidewalk. Plastic bags don't work because the wire and plastic tears right through them.

Thank goodness for The Hanger Hamper.

This clever product helps consumers and dry cleaners easily reuse and recycle their hangers. Approximately 3.5 billion wire hangers are discarded in landfills every year, so I like feeling like I'm part of the solution - and it creates room in my perpetually cramped closet!

The cloth collapsible bag is shaped to stack up to 100 hangers neatly. The sturdy sides means they won't be tossing about on your way to the dry cleaner and the straps make it easy to transport them.  Then, when you're not using it, collapse it never worry again about wasting precious closet space. But even when it's open, it's triangular shape conform to your closet corners, making it wonderful to use for laundry or storing small items in the interim.

This afforable system ($9.95) is really a revolutionary household product.

Get your Hanger Hamper now.

Stephanie Dickison

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