Psst. Wanna Know the Secret to Younger Looking Skin? It's Striking Skin Care

I always have high hopes for my products. After all, they are promising some kind of fix or improvement.

But I was completely amazed by the complete metamorphosis that happened to my skin when I used Striking Skin Care.

One small bottle and 2 tiny jars did all this (note: there are 4 products in the line, but I didn't try the Cleanser)? 

Maybe it's  because this line is specifically targeted to women over 40 (I'm not there yet, but I'll take the preventative approach, thankyouverymuch). They know the troubles of fine lines, wrinkles and the loss of firm and radiant skin.

The line using something called SmartPeptides. According to Striking, " Tests have shown that SmartPeptides boost collagen production and migration to support the extracellular matrix. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing firmness."

Hallelujah, because I've noticed when I look down, my face and neck skin follow. Ugh.

You can tell a skincare line by its eye cream - if it works, you know your skin everywhere else will be smoothed out too. And Striking's Rejuvenating Eye Creme, right from the beginning, removed any sign of fatigue or stress UPON APPLICATION.  Yeah that's right. It works that fast. Which is what you want when you're rushing off to work and have bags the size of Idaho under your eyes.
Next is the Multi-Peptide Serum. Serums sink deep into your skin and often work at the cellular level. Putting this on before your moisturizer preps your skin for youth and beauty.  You will never want to be without this radical skin transformer.

The Restorative Moisture Creme feels nourishing and moisturizing without the teeniest bit of grease. It lasts all day, even in this biting cold weather. And if you're wondering if it's just me that notices the difference, it's not. This weekend someone thought I was over a decade younger. I may look a little young thanks to my genes, but not that young. I am giving Striking the credit on that one!

Striking has nixed any paraben, phthalatem fragrances or formaldehyde releasing ingredients, so you can feel good about what's going on your skin.

And really, when you get results like these, you can't feel anything but fantastic!

Shop the Striking collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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