Look Svelte in Every Outfit This Season Thanks to Secret Fusion

I am feeling a little bloated.

First, there was all that food at Christmas. Then January was so cold that I tucked into pot pies, stews and casseroles endlessly. And here it is just after Valentine's Day and the idea of just a salad for lunch doesn't quite do it yet. The flurries happening outside my window might have something to do with that.

So let's just say I'm not feeling as slender as I have in the past.

That's why when I discovered Secret Fusions latest designs, I was thrilled. This oughtta get me through the months until bikini season.

The Secret Fusion High Waist Brief  (pictured above) is the perfect dining companion. It allows me to look fabulous in my body skimming dresses and still have that glass of wine or extra bite of risotto. It goes right up to the bottom of your bra - seamlessly, no less - so you're absolutely covered, yet thanks to incredibly soft, stretch microfiber, you're also completely comfortable.  Your tummy and waist will look like it did back in the day, while you enjoy the present.

And you're going to love the Secret Fusion Shaping Camisole (pictured above). It's the consummate accessory for your wardrobe, no matter what the season. The nylon/elasthane fabric is so soft stretchy that you will be as taut as you would be wearing a corset, but without any of the discomfort or unsightly bulges. The adjustable straps and slightly longer length than you usually find in a camisole gives you the versatility to look good in everything from your little tank tops to full-length jumpsuits.

Both come in nude and black (I say get both colours to really rock your body - and wardrobe!) and are available across Canada exclusively at Zellers

A new you for spring? Absolutely.

Stephanie Dickison

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