Keep Every Hair in Place With Sweaty Bands

I don't work out like I used to (4 times a week at a fitness club). Instead, now I walk an hour a day (if not more), mop our floors, lug home big bags of groceries in which to feed my cooking habit and generally work myself to the bone each and every week just trying to keep up with life.

So when I came across Sweaty Bands, I thought of a bunch of instances where they would come in handy:

- cleaning my house
- running errands
- washing my face before bed
- putting on a face mask
- going out for a walk (if you run or walk the dog, these would be perfect) 

See, they are designed to keep you looking good, even while you sweat, so you can live your life, stylishly, while you run around just trying to keep up with all you have to do.

I like that Sweaty Bands are handmade, comfortable to wear (a velvety backing keeps it feeling soft and from falling out of place) and you can choose different styles, patterns and even widths!

I love the boldness of Scroll Down Your Playlist.  Mine is similar, but has a navy background with pink x's and white pattern.  And because it's so wide and colourful, it really stands out.  

And Argyles Are For Crumpin' Skinny is a nice preppy classic. Mine is shades of blue with white, which works in every season.

Whether you're lifting weights at the gym or picking up your dry cleaning, you want to look snappy and pulled together. Sweaty Bands can help you do that, all without ever sliding out of place.

Because frankly, don't you have enough to do?

Shop the entire Sweaty Bands Collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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