Guard Your Cosmetics Against the Heat with Cool-It Caddy

The other day just after a blizzard, I picked up a bowl of soup-to-go.

It was packed up with a soft roll and butter. When I got back to my desk, the heat of the soup melted the butter all over the container and everything else it in the bag. It was a complete oily mess.

I bet you've had a similar experience with your makeup bag - your foundation melts all over everything, your lipstick dissolves like the Wicked Witch... So not only do you lose all of your expensive and cherished products, it's almost impossible to clean, so you have to throw out your cosmetics case too.

Now thanks to the innovative design of  Cool-It Caddy, you'll never have to woirry about your cosmetics melting again!

See, there is an internal cooling mechanism that keeps your makeup solid, no matter where you are. You pop your Cool-It Caddy into the freezer and then you're good to go!

So whether you're taking a trip to Cabo or simply applying your makeup in the steamy bathroom at the gym, your favourite products are safe and sound.  

It will most certainly be a lifesaver come summer, but use it now in the car, on the plane or at the tennis club. The case itself - available in 3 styles - is waterproof, so you can take it poolside without worry.

I like the 2 zippered pouches and 1 snap pouch so that you can compartmentalize your products and bring your keys and credit cards without having to lug your big purse with you (and we both know how big that bag of yours is). And there's a mirrored flap included, so you can freshen up quickly and on the go.

Buy the Cool-It Caddy and protect your essentials.  There are styles for women and one for the fellas.

Stephanie Dickison

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