Get Whiter Teeth Without All the Fuss with Love That White Smile

I don't know how people can use those teeth whitening trays.  I can't keep them in my mouth. My gag reflex goes into overdrive, like it's 1990, after drinking and dancing the night away.

Those strips aren't much better. It's so damn uncomfortable and they rub and tear away at your gums and the side of your mouth. Ew.

That's why Love That White Smile is so amazing:

- no mess, no fuss
- no pain or discomfort
- no time-consuming methods of application

Usually, I use a gel from my drugstore, but Love That White Smile has a foam system that "penetrates the surface of the teeth." That means it's really getting in there, cleaning and whitening in all the little bumps and grooves.  It's not just bleaching your teeth, but actually removing the stains.

That's quite the difference, wouldn't you say?

Their product line consists of 4 awesome items that will give you that Hollywood smile that you've always wanted.

Start with Love That White Smile Cleaning and Whitening Foam.  It's a 2-step system, but don't worry - it's ridiculously easy to use. Just brush your teeth as you normally would, then do 1 full pump from bottle 1 and 1 full pump from bottle 2. You brush your teeth for a minimum of 60 seconds and you're done. You'll see whiter teeth after just 3 days!

I like it because it's damn easy to use, it's fast and it's really gentle - your gums don't hurt, your teeth aren't sensitive... In other words, you can live your life AND have whiter teeth.

When you're done with the Cleaning and Whitening Foam system, move onto the Maintenance Foam. This one's damn easy to use too - just 2 full pumps and brush for 60 secs after brushing with your regular toothpaste. Your teeth will stay white, without having to do anything but this one step. How freakin' great is that?!

I looove the On-the-Go Cleaning Pen! You just brush it on and voila - whiter teeth, fresher breath. Good lord is this wonderful. This is one of those things that once you find it, you can't live without it.

And for those hot dates and nights on the town, you've simply got to have Love That White Smile Tooth & Lip Gloss tucked into your clutch. The tooth gloss is fantastic because it not only makes your teeth whiter and brighter, but it protects them against stains as well as gloss and lipstick, so you never have to worry about having an embarrassing smudge across your teeth ever again!  And of course, you'll love the lip gloss because it feels great and the light reflecting agents make your smile completely and utterly dazzling. As if that's not enough, it plumps your lips too.  Both glosses are minty and refreshing, so you can get as up close and personal as you like.

If you want white teeth without it a) costing an arm and leg, b) being uncomfortable and c) taking forever, then get yourself Love That White Smile.

Stephanie Dickison

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