Get a Flawless Finish with Yves Rocher Makeup

By now you probably realize the power of good makeup.

It can take you from "whatever" to "OMG" in just a few swaths of foundation.

But it's got to be the good stuff.

One of my very favourite companies of all time is Yves Rocher. Their products ALWAYS exceed your expectations, and all using natural ingredients, at a ridiculously low price.

So naturally I was excited to try their makeup. They have so much to choose from!

You want to start with Perfect Primer.  This first step to a flawless face is so amazing, you'll wonder how you've been able to get by without it all these years. 

The light, soft, completely non-oily pink liquid gets your skin ready for foundation by:

- instantly fading fine lines
- reducing pores
- brightening and smoothing out your complexion

All of that before applying your makeup - how awesome is that?!

And it smells so good, thanks to musk rose oil, Damask rose extract and Damask rosewater. A little goes a long way, so just daub a little bit on and smooth over your entire face. Okay, now look in the mirror.

It seems unbelievable, but you're camera ready - and you haven't even put your makeup on yet!

Speaking of your makeup, you've got to try Yves Rocher's Replumping Serum Foundation (pictured above).

I've never seen a serum and foundation together in one product before.  And for only $15.95? You've got to be kidding.

Using 4 high-performance rose extracts, this foundation both plumps and moisturizes in one single step. You get the coverage you want, without that "makeup-y" feel that some foundations inevitably leave you. And you never have to worry about putting on too much - the pump doles out just enough, each and every time. You'll look like yourself, only better. Which is what you've always wanted out of your foundation, isn't it?

And to complete your look, Flawless Finish Corrector gets rids of your dark circles, redness and those unsightly blemishes. Thanks to musk rose oil, Damask rose extract and rose wax, it smells like a rose garden. It is so damn easy to apply and goes on so beau-ti-fully, that you will look like you like a decent night's sleep every night, no matter what your real bedtime.

If you want to look stunning and hold onto that paycheck of yours, shop Yves Rocher.

Stephanie Dickison

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