Want Fantastic Hair for the New Year? All You Need is KEVIN.MURPHY

Or at least, his simply stunning products.

Working with celebrities such as Rose Byrne, Vanessa Hudgens and Heidi Klum and leading fashion photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier, Kevin Murphy has taken his extreme talents and created a line of hair care products that will completely change not only the way your hair looks and feels, but how you think about your hair.

I have always had uncontrollable, kinda wavy, kinda curly hair that doesn't respond to much of anything. But KEVIN.MURPHY hair products transforms my hair each and every time to luscious locks that shine and bounce, that are sleek and smooth. And my hair smells so freakin' good that I can feel people leaning close on the subway and sniffing around me at the grocery store.  I don't know how he makes such rich products without them being heavy and weighing down my hair. 

The NEW FORMULAS of LUXURY.WASH and LUXURY.RINSE give my coarse coloured hair a complete makeover, as it rebalances my hydro lipids and other scientific stuff that repairs all that chemical damage I've done over the years. How they manage to be all that and sulphate and paraben free and "made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants" is beyond me.

It's not often that a product that calls itself "luxury" actually is. However, these absolutely deserve the title. And then some. I mean, even the bottles are gorgeous!

And to get you styled right for the party of the year, you've got to check out these amazing styling products:

- Powder.Puff is one of those revolutionary products that once you try it, you can't live without it. I've never been a fan of dry shampoo or other dry products UNTIL NOW. This volumizing powder takes your hair from the every day to sexy Brigitte Bardot heights. You know that sexy tousled look that you're always trying to create "naturally" with braids, curlers or your fingers? Just a few shakes of this wonder dust and you'll have that beachy hair (which Kevin invented, by the way) that you've always wanted.
- Ooh, if you've got short, choppy locks, Night.Rider is for you. It's sexy (as is the packaging) and gives you a chance to work the look you want.

And if you're traveling or want something cute to take to the gym or on an overnight visit, you've got to get the KEVIN.MURPHY JET.PAK (pictured above). Mine has travel sized Hydrate-Me.Wash, Hydrate-Me.Rinse, Anti.Gravity, Session.Spray and Fresh.Hair, all in a long sleek black mesh case. It doesn't get much sleeker/sexier than that.

Find a salon near you and get yourself some KEVIN.MURPHY if you know what's going for you.

Stephanie Dickison

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