myfaceworks: Get a Skin Makeover Without Any Work

You're busy.

Too busy to stop and do the things you used to like bake from scratch, send letters or get facials. And in the new year, you're about to get even busier.

But that doesn't mean your skin has to suffer.

myfaceworks was made for people like you and I -we want beautiful skin, but we don't want to have to follow a 10-step regimen every night or spend a whole whack of cash/time/energy that we don't have.

These "sheet" masks are an amazing, convenient  and easily packable/travel-able solution to great skincare without all the muss and fuss of many treatments.

There are 13 types to select from, allowing you to really target your own personal areas and issues. These are made to complement your current skincare program and not replace it, so use them when you need a tune up or to prevent further issues.

The mask itself, looks and feels like soft paper. It is saturated with the specific nutrients and ingredients for each type, so thus, it is more like soft, wet paper. The mask is oval, with eyes cut out around the eyes, nose and mouth. When you put it on, don't be surprised that you look a little like Heidi Montag, post-surgery (but just imagine how awesome you're going to look in 15-20 minutes, because that's how quickly it works).

Because the mask it so wet, it really stays on your face, so you don't have to feel like you have to lie down and lose 20 minutes if you don't want to. Of course, if you're looking for an escape from your hectic day, there's no reason why you shouldn't lie down and relax a little.

The masks come in thin plastic pouches (about the size of your passport) so that you can stash 'em into your makeup bag, carry on, gym bag or purse.

I like that there was a noticeable difference to my skin after using them. It works quickly yes, but the results are long-lasting.

The Starter Kit
I Need a Clear Day Kiwi Acne Facial Mask
I Need a Quickie Pre-Makeup Express Facial Mask
I Need to Open My Eyes Revitalizing Eye Mask
I Need to Tame Rose Water Facial Mask
I Need to be Firm Collagen Boosting Facial Mask
I Need to Replenish Intense Hydrating Mask
I Need to Wake Up Vitamin-C Radiance Facial Mask
I Need Damage Control Coenzyme Q10 Facial Mask
I Need the Works Crystal Fiber Super Facial Mask
I Need to Bring Out My Youth Anti-Wrinkle Facial Mask
I Need to Detox Green Tea Facial Mask
I Need to Heal Aloe Vera Facial Mask

Shop the entire collection and get a gorgeous mug without really lifting a finger.  You've got other things to do, right?

Stephanie Dickison

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