The Holidays Just Got A Whole Lot Brighter Thanks to mt masking tape

When it comes to the holidays, I always want to do crafty, homemade things like make cards for friends or give them jam I've made in pretty decorated jars.

The fact that I've never made jam or that I really can't make things look like nice enough to give them as gifts has always stopped me. But now that I've discovered mt masking tape, it's so lovely looking that I just can't go wrong!

- highlight text in a journal or on a homemade booklet
- create art on canvas, a wall, furniture, fabric - wherever inspiration takes you
- as an arty label  (so much nicer than those plastic ones!)
- embellish your correspondence and envelopes
- label your food in the freezer
- frame and display photos
- wrap gifts  with flair
- keep things in sight - on your bulletin board, calendar, etc.

One of the most superb features is that there is no reside left behind when you use it, so the list of possibilities of places to use it really opens up.  And in case that's not amazing enough (it absolutely is), you can write on it with a pen and you don't need scissors in order to cut it.

Gasp. Where has this been all of my life?!

And let's not forget is that there are so many to choose from - 20 "light colours" and 20 "elegant colours" - and many ways in which to purchase them.

There is something so lovely about these embellishing tapes that you will no doubt find yourself putting them on everything, as I have done. My notebooks and journals, whiteboard, calendar and stationery are all a little prettier now, thanks to mt masking tape in border pale blue, warabi (pictured above - the olive coloured one above aotake) and stripe sakuranezu (pictured below - third from left)

Order enough for you and your entire holiday gift list.

Perhaps you'll make that jam after all, now that you've got the goods to go with it.

Stephanie Dickison

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