Give Original, Gorgeous, Handmade Jewelry This Holiday From Tweak!

I am always on the lookout for cool jewelry, but truthfully, it's hard to find unique stuff that's affordable.

So when I stumbled upon Tweak, I was thrilled!

Ontario designer Caroline Bruce has created a line of stunning jewelry with each piece being carefully hand selected and crafted and completely one-of-a-kind.

I was able to visit her pop-up shop of sorts when she was in Toronto this month and perused through her incredible collection that showcases her immense talent of choosing stones that complement and contrast one another beautifully.

I love that she uses different stones snugged next to one another - the different shapes, textures and colours make for very modern pieces that have staying power. And because there are so many colours to play off of, you can wear them with virtually anything. Whether you're dressing up for cocktails or heading out for brunch with friends in t-shirt and jeans, Tweak makes you look put together in an instant.

I am immediately drawn to the awesome off-centre stylings of the Fuss Collection, Asymmetrical Pendants and Hooked, complete with gorgeous fish.

I cannot help but pick up a Collage Bracelet.  Mine is a mix of dark blues, grays and clear natural stones and beads (Jasper, Soldalite, Osbidian, Chinese Crystal, Faceted Glass, Web Jasper, Lapis Lazuli and Glass, to be exact). Oh, I just love it. And each bracelet is finished with a magnetic clasp, so you don't have to wait until someone's around to help you to put it on!

The Quintet Collection has something for everyone. Each necklace has 5 different stones, so you can ramp up your wardrobe with just this one statement piece. I love the pastels in this one (pictured above) but I went with something a little edgier. Very similar to this necklace, I got one with a medley of dark greys and a hit of lemon-lime (Olive Jade, Dalmatian Jasper, Porcelain, Chinese Crystal and Pyrite). It is classy enough to wear to work, but works as a rockin' accessory to my after 5 clothes.

I don't know how Caroline came up with it, but I absolutely, wholeheartedly can't get enough of the Duet Collection. Two very different pieces juxtaposed on a shiny silver strand - I think it's so damn sexy! I love the look of mine (similar to those shown)- Striped Agate with Crystal Quartz and Olive Jade.  I wore it to dinner with a friend recently and she mentioned how much she liked it - twice!

Caroline says, "At the risk of sounding trite, I have to confess that I really fall in love with every piece I make,” says Caroline. "I want a woman to see a piece of my jewelry, fall in love with it and not be able to stop herself from wearing it three days in a row! That’s the greatest compliment for me.  

“I try not to make anything I could go out and buy. If I have an idea and then see something similar in a magazine or online, I throw it out or alter it to make it into something totally me. I know there are very few new ideas left in the world of jewelry, but I like to think that my colour combinations, compositions and use of materials are at least somewhat unique.” 

And because I know this means as much to me as it does you, the finishing clasp on her necklaces are simple and beautiful and make it incredibly easy to take it on and off. Caroline also will custom make you pieces, but don't worry - no pieces are ever exactly alike, so you are guaranteed to have something that no one else will have, at no extra cost! How incredible is that?  And she always packages everything beautifully and encloses a list of all the stones and beads for your particular pieces. It's that kind of personal touch that you just can't help but fall in love with.

I've fallen hard for Tweak. I know you have too. Shop now and make this holiday one they won't ever forget.

p.s. If you don't know which style to get, buy a gift certificate and let them pick it out themselves.

Stephanie Dickison

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