Get Clean Naturally with Pattern Body Washes

Are you trying to incorporate more natural products into your life in the new year?

You should start with Pattern Body Washes.

They leave out all the bad stuff:

- parabens
- artificial fragrances, colours and dyes
- not tested on animals

And instead, Pattern packs each bottle with gentle cleansers. What's surprising is the thick lather that is generated - often when natural ingredients are used, there isn't much foam or lather, so you don't get that satisfying feel. And also how moisturized you'll feel. There's no dryness here, only soft, smooth, clean skin.

Another way Pattern is distinguishing itself is that you can use this body wash all over - body, face and hair. I bet you can't do that with that bottle from the drugstore...

But perhaps it will be the luscious scents that memorize you the most. Fragrances, essential oils and plant extracts mix and mingle to exhilarate and energize you during your morning shower.

I tried Sage,  which is fresh and slightly foresty, thanks to essential oils of sage, star anise, grapefruit and cotton flower and Vitamin E. I love the moisture-locking feel that comes with the accompanying Sage Body Lotion too. It lasts all day long, even in these wicked cold temperatures and there's no slick, greasy feeling either.

Nutmeg is fantastic and my favourite of the two scents. This one's actually made to combat dry skin using herbal extracts and essential oils of nutmeg, amber, cardamom and Vitamin E. I find it completely intoxicating, probably because it doesn't give off a baked cookie smell, instead lifts you with a spicy, vigourous blend that completely wakes  and shakes you up.

Try them all or shop specific scents.

Isn't it time you had the shower of your life every day?

Stephanie Dickison

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